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Services for Individuals

Whether you want to give back to your favorite charity, cruise around the world, or just sit back and relax, retirement is an amazing milestone that requires adequate preparation. We specialize in asset accumulation and distribution and can help you plan for and enjoy retirement.

Our services include:

Income Planning

Income planning is a key element of a foundational retirement plan. We can help clients address their most pressing questions, such as how to shift from retirement savings to retirement income, how to estimate monthly income, and how to help ensure your retirement assets last.

Social Security

As clients approach retirement, many have a number of questions regarding Social Security. We can help answer many of the questions you likely have about this important retirement planning resource, such as when to take Social Security and what spousal benefits you and your partner are eligible for.

Investments and Asset Management

We help clients analyze their income sources and determine how to match them with future expenses, all while taking into consideration lifestyle decisions and current needs.

Estate Planning

Many individuals, couples, and families don’t merely seek to make their assets last for their lifetimes, but also want to leave a legacy for their heirs. We can assist clients in articulating their estate planning needs and coordinate with your other professionals, such as attorneys and CPAs.


As individuals age, the need for insurance may change and likely increase. Products like life and long-term care insurance are two ways individuals can protect their their family and assets. We can help clients determine appropriate options when it comes to their protection needs.

We believe that retirement planning is less about asset allocation and more about strategy. What kind of life would you live if you knew a professional was handling your short and long-term financial plans? Let’s chat today about your retirement roadmap.